3D4Medical builds the world’s best medical software platforms.

The whole body is always just a tap away with Complete Anatomy. Explore every angle of over 6,500 structures in breathtaking 3D.

Our applications are used daily by education and clinical organisations around the globe. With over 12 million downloads, numerous prestigious awards, and appearances on stage at major industry events, we know we’ve got something unique to offer.

Built from the ground up.

Our anatomical models are the most detailed available on consumer devices. We build them by studying real anatomical structures, and combining them with world-class medical knowledge.


At 3D4Medical we pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of technology. To this end we are introducing a number of new functionalities to our 3D apps. A slices / scan feature, that will allow the user to pull a cross-sectional plane through any of the models onscreen to obtain a cross section view. A muscle animation feature, which will allow the onscreen model to be animated, illustrating muscle movements.


New demands are being placed on our apps that require a greater level of anatomical detail and accuracy. Greater detail means larger models and more pressure on processing power, so new modeling methods were needed to accommodate this greater level of detail.

Complete Undergraduate Course in Anatomy

3D4Medical is proud to announce the release of its first full course within Complete Anatomy. The course is geared towards an undergraduate level of Human Anatomy education and will be delivered in regional and systemic formats, two common organizational methods of anatomical content presentation. The learning outcomes of the course were designed to correlate to the anatomy component of the HAPS (Human Anatomy and Physiology Society) Learning Outcomes.

Within each course students will be taught the major anatomical structures and relationships from the tip of the head to the soles of the feet through 350+ Screens, 300+ Recordings, and 60+ MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Quizzes, compiled as over 60 interactive lectures. Within each lecture, students will be able to listen to over 15 hours of instructional content as presented by anatomists from around the world in topics ranging from the fundamentals of anatomical terminology, through structure identification, to special regions of relationships.

For purchase, subscription and trial requests and questions and enquiries, we kindly ask you to contact ITSN.

ITSN is the sole authorized distributor of 3D4Medical  databases in Turkey.



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