Millions of patients use natural medicine supplements and alternative treatments, but information resources are unreliable, anecdotal, or don’t contain references. TRC’s Natural Medicines is an evidence-based database of information on the safety and effectiveness of natural medicines and alternative therapies. Reduce risks, save time, and make informed decisions.

Comprehensive, Unbiased, Fresh

  • 1,400 natural medicine monographs
  • Updated daily
  • Concise recommendations from an unbiased editorial team
  • Patient education handouts in multiple languages

Evidence-based Ratings for Natural Medicines

  • Over 92,000 commercially available natural products
  • Scientific, evidence-based ratings
  • Safety, effectiveness, and quality information
  • Unique and easy-to-understand Natural Medicines Brand Evidence-based Rating (NMBER)

Largest Natural Medicines Database in the World

  • Over 1,200 monographs on natural ingredients
  • Over 200 monographs on complementary and alternative treatments
  • NMBER system
  • Scientific, evidence-based information on safety, effectiveness, and interactions

Drug Interactions

  • Check for interactions with conventional medications
  • Interaction ratings to determine clinical significance

Nutrient Depletion

  • Identify which nutrients are depleted by conventional medications
  • Nutrient depletion ratings to determine clinical significance

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ITSN is the sole authorized distributor of TRC Natural Medicines databases in Turkey.

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